Champs 2019 Theme Announcement

Your voted. . . we listened. . .your 2019 Suburban Swim League Champs theme is. . .

How to Register A Swimmer for the Swim Team

This video will walk you through our registration process to register your child for our summer swim team.

How To See Results

This video will help walk you through the process of seeing results after they have been made official several days after a meet. They will not be loaded up before 2-3 days after a meet has been completed. For un official results check the meet mobile app.

How to Change or Add Contact Information into The System

This video will teach you how to add information into the Active system after you have registered for the season. This will help you update your address if you move, change your phone number to a different number, add other emails so your loved ones can also get information.

How To Check What Jobs I Signed Up For and Remove Myself If Needed

This video will help you learn how to check what parent jobs to registered for and to remove yourself if needed. If you would like to learn how to sign up for parent jobs, please see video entitles "How to sign up for parent jobs."

How To See or Change What Events My Child Is Registered For

This video will help you navigate the active system to find out what events your child is registered for and make changes if you need to before the registration deadline.

How to Register for Parent Volunteer Shifts

This video will help walk you through the process to signup for parent volunteer shifts. For questions or issues you may contact Active Support or email

How to Register for Swim Meets

This video will walk you through the process of registering your children for swim meets. For further questions contact support or email

How To Login to Parent Portal

This video will help you login to the Parent Portal on our website. Logging in will help you complete all major tasks needed for the swim season including signing up for meets and parent jobs.

2018 Champs Cheer


Champs 2018 Walk In!

Great walk-in Sharks!

2018 Champs Theme Announcement

And your theme for 2018 Champs is. . .

Practice Fun

We don't just work at practice, we have some fun!