Mini Sharks

Our Mini Sharks Program is a developmental swim program for children 4-6 years old (age determined on June 15) who are able to swim unassisted and are water safe, but who meet one or more of following criteria: do not demonstrate the ability to swim a full 25-yard lap without stopping; are able to swim but lack confidence in the water; or who may not be developmentally ready for the full swim team experience.

The 13-week program focuses on water safety and basic techniques in swimming. The Mini Sharks program should not be considered swim lessons. If your child is not yet able to swim, please check with the Cameron Park CSD, Steve Wallen Swim School, or SwimLabs, all of which offer lessons during the summer.

Mini Sharks practices take place at the CSD pool, which is heated and supervised by two CSD lifeguards. Parents need to stay at the pool for the duration of practice. Mini Sharks are collectively accompanied by an in-water coach who will help guide them in the pool, though we do not have a coach for each individual swimmer. We hold swim practice for the Mini Sharks at the same time as our 10 & under age groups. See the practice schedule here.

Our goal for the season is for our Mini Sharks to learn the skills to become effective and confident in swimming both freestyle and backstroke. Mini Sharks have the opportunity to swim at all home meets, as well as at Time Trials.

During the season, if the head coach determines that a Mini Shark has demonstrated their ability to swim across the pool unassisted, they may seek to transition the swimmer to the Sierra Sharks Swim Team. Once promoted to the regular swim team, swimmers are eligible to participate in both home and away meets, and possibly Champs. Swimmers of this age have three events they are eligible to compete in: one 25-yard lap of freestyle, one 25-yard lap of backstroke, or as one leg of a 4-person relay. Parents choose which races to register their swimmers for prior to each meet. There is no additional fee for swimmers who are promoted.

The Mini Sharks program is intended to be a single season program providing each participant with the skills and confidence to transition to the Sierra Sharks Swim Team. For more information, please visit our FAQ section here.

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